DOT Compliant Random Drug Testing Consortium Program

The requirements for the DOT Substance Abuse Testing differ from non-DOT as they have to meet the following:

  • 49 CFR Part 40 (DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations)
    These regulations define the reporting requirements and responsibilities of the MRO and C/TPA as well as the responsibilities of the Employer DER (Designated Employer Representative).
  • DATIA, NAADATP and SAMHSA accreditation
    As outlined by the accreditation standards, the RWA DOT provider/partner has requirements and responsibilities that go beyond Part 40 into administration and operational procedures.

RWA will coordinate with the Medical Review Officer (MRO) as the Third Party Administrator (TPA) in accordance with federal regulations.
The administrative details are:

  1. RWA will report results directly to the Designated Employee Representative (DER)
  2. Acting as the TPA, RWA will be able to work directly with the clients’ DER (including random selection communication)
  3. A signed Subscriber Agreement outlines our services and your responsibilities
  4. Single-source invoicing from RWA

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